Sculptures G. Hovington is a family-owned business. It is, first and foremost, the heart and soul of Gaëtan Hovington, who has been a prolific woodcarver for over 50 years. The G. Hovington signature certifies that you are purchasing a very high quality, entirely hand-made, authentic, and one-of-a-kind sculpture, on which each detail has been thoroughly thought out.

Visit the Workshop/Gift Shop

Would you enjoy witnessing the carving process of a wood sculpture? Would you like to know which wood essence is used and how much time it takes to carve a giant sculpture? Come meet the artist at home, in his workshop/gift shop, and chat while watching him work. It takes a visit to truly experience woodcarving at its best!

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Get to Know the Sculptor

Born in Tadoussac in 1946, Gaëtan Hovington studied woodcarving at Jean-Julien Bourgault School, from 1962 to 1964 in Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. Once graduated, he returned to his native town to establish his woodcarving business. Today, at the apogee of his craft, Gaëtan is well known for his authentic Canadian sculptures, which depict realistic characters from our nation’s folklore. His unique pieces, collected by visitors from all over the world, are imperishable mementos of their visit to this remarkable artist’s workshop.

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