Sculptures G. Hovington offers a wide array of professional and personalized high quality services. With more than 45 years of experience, master woodcarver Gaëtan thinks beyond the realm of his craft: he always aims at providing his clients with excellent customer service. You will enjoy purchasing a G. Hovington original piece, as your needs will always be taken into consideration. We are devoted to providing you with a unique purchasing experience.

1. Free Bid

Are you thinking about purchasing a sculpture or do you have a special project in mind? Feel free to discuss your plans with the master sculptor. Indeed, Gaëtan will be pleased to make your desires a reality and to offer his advice if called for. A free bid will be sent to you as soon as possible upon request.

2. Personalized Souvenirs

You would like to bring back an imperishable memento of your holiday in Tadoussac... as memorable moments deserve to be carved in wood. For such occasions, we offer to carve a personalized engraving on your G. Hovington original piece (date, location, personal message, etc.). This special service is free of charge*.

* The piece must be signed G. Hovington.

3. Corporate Purchases

Gaëtan Hovington also produces corporative sculptures. He has already created many pieces for businesses and special events. Are you preparing to commemorate a special event or are you in need of a special gift? Discuss your ideas with the sculptor!

4. Personalized Purchases

You would like a life-like rendition of your friend’s favourite hockey player, or a retirement gift for a golf aficionado. Just order a personalized sculpture! Whatever your request, Gaëtan can make your desires a reality, while adding on his personal touch. To make the requested piece even more realistic, he will add details such as the logo of a hockey team on the player’s jersey, or carve the name of a famous brand on a golf player’s ball. Do not forget to mention such details while placing your order!

5. Shipping

Worried about damages caused to your sculpture during shipping? Rest assured. We have been shipping around the world for many years. To make sure that all of our sculptures arrive undamaged, we wrap small and fragile accessories separately (for example: a smoking pipe, an axe, etc.). We securely wrap our pieces and put our trust in expert shipping companies. We often personally deliver large pieces throughout the Province of Quebec.

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